one month into my bullet journal


I'm shamelessly obsessed with stationery. I have been for years, and I doubt I'll ever tire of the delight of buying a new notebook. But as much as I'd love to have a separate notebook for every occasion, I've found it's just not practical. So now, I only actively keep two notebooks: my journal journal (where I try to write a few times a week), and my bullet journal. It is the latter that I'm figuring out how to use for work, blogging, writing, and life in general. 2018 is the first year I'm really jumping on the bullet journal train, and so far, I really have been enjoying it. It's nice to be in charge of exactly how I want to take my notes and where I want to put my daily to-dos. 

I know some people go crazy an do some insane designs but I chose to go simple for my journal. For one, simple is quite a bit quicker and life has been super busy lately; and I've also found that with a simple layout, I'm more inclined to do little doodles or add in stickers here or there and make it very personal. 

The beginning of my notebook has the usual key, index, and yearly overview. I also snuck in a page of my resolutions though, they have since changed so perhaps I jumped the gun on that one a bit. Other than that, I just have a page for each month to plan some blog posts, and jot down any other writing deadlines I set for myself. I find this really helpful because if I know, for example, that in May I want to write about one year post-graduation, I can already schedule for that. 


At the beginning of each month, I do a monthly overview page where I can note important dates, list out to-dos and goals, and track some habits on the right-hand side. I also left that big block on the right page as a super quick diary of sorts, for any notes or things I want to remember (like, if I tried a new restaurant or finished a book). 

IMG_0600 copy.jpg

And finally, my weekly overview! As I said, pretty simple and straightforward with lots of room for notes. I do like to do all my weeks in one go, but I've been holding off on doing more in case I want to make changes. After I finished up January, for example, I made a few design changes based on my habits during that month. Aside from my diary portion, I've earmarked the final empty pages for anything and everything that crosses my mind, from blog post ideas to quotes I like to overheard snippets on the subway. 

Annnnd that is it! I hope you enjoyed this overview and you're having a productive 2018!