the diary: the first week


1.01 - 1.07

Real talk? I've already fallen off a few of my goals (ha ha). For the first time in a long time of goal setting, I'm ok with it. It used to be that when I set a goal, like a new diet or workout plan, I would give up if I even messed up once. I wanted to accomplish my goal perfectly. But not having room for any mistakes was stifling and, in the end, ineffectual. So rather than abandon my wishes altogether, I plan on readjusting and resetting at the end of January. But regardless of the goals I set, it has been a nice, rather cold (thanks bomb cyclone), start to the new year. 


It's been a rather relaxed week, likely due to the below freezing temperatures, which have me cuddled up on the sofa watching all the Harry Potters. (They just released them on HBO and needless to say, I'm thrilled). So, not much else to report other than I've started practicing French again and mon français est un peu rouillé (annnd that is likely incorrect).

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