the diary: week of 12/4


I've always enjoyed rereading old journals (cringe-worthy moments of past me aside). With this in mind, I've decided on new series of posts, as a diary of sorts, to share interesting articles I've read, pictures I've taken, and memories that I want to make note of. 


watch / listen / read.

The Crown. Season Two hit Netflix on the 8th and *cough* I might be almost finished. I'm blaming that on a snowy Saturday where all I wanted to do was cozy up indoors. 

Fireworks by First Aid Kit

I'm currently in the midst of Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I also recommend the following: 


  • breakfast with a friend @ Cafe Cluny

  • digging "all on red" on my nails (Revlon)

  • playing tourist with a friend in midtown, followed by dinner @ Hagi Sake bar

  • catching up with an old friend @ Gemma

  • the first snow of the year!