arguably the coolest jacket i own

As much as I'm over winter (and I'm typing this mere hours before a snowstorm is set to hit NYC), I did recently get two new coats that at least make layering marginally more interesting. The first is an oversized, shearling-lined biker jacket from Monki


There is a definite emphasis on oversized in this jacket. In fact, I'm not entirely sure whether I should refer to it as a jacket or a coat. *Insert shrug emoji* Either way, I've entirely fallen in love with it. 


coat: monki

sweater: anthropologie / pants: zara / shoes: sam edelman

Lately, it has become my go-to winter jacket. Because it's so oversized, and the sleeves themselves are not lined, even my coziest sweaters fit under it. The sweater I'm wearing in this picture (though you can't see much of it) actually has very wide sleeves and for once, they didn't pose a problem. 


It is as effortless as my wool pea coat but so much more interesting; honestly, the best way I can describe it is cool.