my fall playlist got me thinking about unfiltered art

For a while, towards the end of summer, I wasn’t listening to much music. Instead, I was obsessively listening to my favorite podcasts. But I’m back on the tunes train and lately, several songs have been deeply resonating with me. I made a fall playlist that I thought would be fun to share on my blog, just to change up my content from all my melodramatic navel-gazing.


And then the other day, I was listening to Dreams on repeat, (holla to all of us listening to Stevie and Fleetwood Mac lately) and began reading the facts they listed on Spotify. Apparently, Stevie Nicks wrote the song in one sitting, and the original vocals ended up being the ones on the final track. This struck me—and I was reminded of something my friend said, about how she appreciated that I put relatively unfiltered art on my blog, in addition to my blog posts that go through multiple iterations. Now, I would never compare myself to Stevie, but I couldn’t help but think of the importance of not always being so precious with our creations.

There are some posts I write in one sitting (I’ll read them over, but they won’t sit in my drafts for days or weeks as other posts do). Then there are others that I think about, not necessarily more deeply, but over longer periods of time. Those often go through a few different drafts. They might end up more polished in the end, but I have to wonder if in that process they lose something. I suppose, as with most things, it is circumstantial. Most essays and blog posts benefit from the added self-editing, and drafting process. And there are the occasional few that, in my humble opinion at least, are worthy in their own right because they are a little rough around the edges, a little bit raw, and maybe—likely—inconclusive. Sometimes you have to follow your own stream of conscious.  

I imagine that if I reach a period where I publish more work outside of my blog, I’ll become even more intimately familiar with the editing process—but for now, there is a raw beauty in having a place to share my thoughts, polished or not.

And, now that I’ve concluded my rambles, here is my lengthy moody fall playlist for your enjoyment.