10 go-to gifts


Unsurprising confession: I love the holidays. My birthday is in mid-November (proud Scorpio here) so from my bday to Thanksgiving to Xmas to New Years, it really does feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

Image Sources: Shhhower Cap; Everlane; Laura Berger; Schott NYC; Smythson; Diptyque; Paint Box; Monogram Studio; Outdoor Voices; Sephora.

Image Sources: Shhhower Cap; Everlane; Laura Berger; Schott NYC; Smythson; Diptyque; Paint Box; Monogram Studio; Outdoor Voices; Sephora.

Another unsurprising confession: I love giving gifts. And so, in the holiday spirit, I wanted to share a few gifts that I think are always good options for the loved ones in your life. 

  1. Shower Cap: TBH I'm probably going to get this Shhower Cap for my sister who travels a lot, and recently asked me when she was visiting if I had one she could use. It's a little ridiculous but also very fun.

  2. Pajama Set: The one featured is a beautiful silk set from Everlane that I kiiiind of want myself. Like the shower cap, it's something practical but also luxe.

  3. Art Print: This one is from Laura Berger who is an incredible artists; I have a print from her that I absolutely love. If you know someone's taste well, I think an art print as a great, personal gift (and a lovely way to support independent artists!).

  4. Key Fob AKA The Practical Gift: Last year I got my boyfriend (who is notoriously difficult to shop for) a leather key fob, which he now uses everyday. Generally I find practical gifts are the way to go for those loved ones that don't seem to want anything in particular. This one is from Schott NYC.

  5. Notebook & Stationery: As a stationery lover myself, if anyone gets me a notebook I'll pretty much love them forever. This beautiful periwinkle blue notebook is from Smythson.

  6. Candle: Some might call this boring, I consider it a tried and true option. Hey, if I got this Diptyque candle I would not be upset.

  7. Spa or Salon Gift Card: Perfect for the one who always needs a fresh manicure. Paint Box in NYC has the prettiest nail art (if not the cheapest).

  8. Graphic Tee: I'm pretty obsessed with Monogram Studio tees. They are perfectly kitchsy and cheeky and make for a kick-ass gift.

  9. Workout Gear: The leggings pictured are from Outdoor Voices, a bandwagon I have eagerly jumped on (their stuff is the bomb). Not to mention, they have such pretty colors.

  10. Sephora Gift Set: A pre-prepared gift set might seem like a cop out, but with the variety Sephora offers you can make it super personal. This perfume sampler for example, gives the recipient samples and then a voucher to redeem for a full size of their favorite.

This is hardly a comprehensive list — it's more of a jump start (and list for myself). I also love going through department store gift guides to get some inspiration, for that pesky friend (ahem boyfriend) that is difficult to shop for. I love: Nordstrom / Anthropologie / Urban Outfitters

And what's on my list? A Chemex, satin-silky robe, and the OV Tech Kit.