things making me happy


A more accurate title: things, and reminders, through which I am at the least content and that often make me happy.

  • Walking to work as the weather cools down

  • Writing in all its forms: working on my novel, editing short stories, rambling in blog posts, and attempting thoughtful essays (so, hopefully, not just unedited drafts)

  • Rereading Harry Potter, rewatching Harry Potter, and listening to Binge Mode Harry Potter (yes — all of those)

  • Listening to the Dear Hank & John podcast

  • Getting up early and having slow mornings

  • Enjoying the company of friends, and prioritizing being a better friend to all those I am grateful to have in my life

  • Spending time in my teeny, tiny studio apartment while living alone for the first time

  • Reading classic, canonical fiction and nonfiction to challenge myself intellectually, in addition to my usual contemporary fiction reads

  • Remembering that I’m living the life 13-year-old me only dreamed of (well, almost; I have yet to publish something of fiction but hopefully that is coming)

  • Owning wholeheartedly what I enjoy and whose company I enjoy, without self-judgment or worrying about the judgment of others

  • Taking time to just live, figure out what I want as an individual, and realize that certainty is a fallacy: there is no reason to rush coming to decisions

  • Being present and taking all things — good, bad, and undecided — as they come, moment by moment

It’s starting to feel like fall in New York and I’m looking forward to all the new season will bring, from the smallest of encounters to trips I’ll always remember.

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