some fall goals

I love summer in New York. It's both too hot and too humid, and the streets occasionally smell like garbage. And yet, the days are long, the nights start off bright, and there's the hope of boundless spontaneity. 

 But this summer has, among other things, worn me out, and I am looking forward to the end of August as we head into fall. When I feel a little anxious or stressed and would rather not do anything, I've found that doing something, even something as simple as going for a walk, is actually the best cure. So, I've made myself a little list of goals, of small changes to make, projects I've been meaning to work on, and things that will make me happy. 

a small list for fall 

  • continue writing on my blog, for myself, with no pressure

  • start working on my novel

  • submit some short stories for publication

  • read: Kitchen Confidential, the rest of Harry Potter (in English)(again) & other books from my list

  • cook 1 recipe a week from my new cookbook (& cook for my friends!)

  • read 1/3 of Harry Potter in French

  • paint or draw once a week

  • workout 3x a week (lol)

  • Learn my tarot cards (also lol)

  • Hang artwork in my apartment

So here's to a new season, lower temperatures, and the simple things that can make all the difference.