the archive: a 2016 spring/summer wishlist

At this point, I've been blogging for almost five years. While none of my old blogs are still public, I've kept some of the content here and there because it's nice to look back on old memories — and pretty amusing to look back on old wishlists. So, I dipped into my archives and found a post from exactly two years ago. I think it's safe to say, my style has changed just a tad.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.45.08 PM.png

what i bought

  • topshop mom jeans

  • black fringed skirt (which I've worn a handful of times)

  • black cami

  • black culottes (the first of three pairs I'd go through in two years)

  • topshop slip dress (which has become a summer staple)

  • vintage silk scarves (which I like to tie on my purses)

what i didn't 

  • tan fringed skirt

  • white cami (though I am still looking for the perfect one since I wear the black one so often)

  • any of the heels

  • white victorian-esque top

  • either of the bags

what changed

Looking back on this, I think my style was a little bit safer back in 2016. Back then was my first foray into wide leg trousers, and little did I know that would start an appreciation bordering on obsession. And while some of these items I still wear today, I don't think I really knew what my style was. Now I lean much more into a menswear-inspired wardrobe and believe it or not, a little more color. I'm working on a wishlist/mood board for this spring/summer and, spoiler alert, it will involve some more trousers.