fifth time's the charm

This is not my first blog, neither my second, nor even my third. If I'm not mistaken, this is my fifth blog. From the age of 13 to 17 I dabbled around with blogging, daydreaming of being the next Style Rookie. (Tangential story: I ran into her [Tavi] at a salon and was reminded once again that we are in fact the same age). Needless to say, this did not happen. It wasn't until I started a beauty blog called Lovely Notions in 2013 that I began to take blogging more seriously. I even embraced the tutorial life and took a shot at YouTube videos (which are now on private to avoid embarrassment in the form of awkward voiceovers and an odd predilection to talk too much about Florida weather). 

And then, during my freshman year of college, my obsession with beauty dwindled. So, in what I thought was a grown-up move, I left my and got a self-hosted WordPress site which became A Write Through Life, my first endeavor at a "lifestyle" blog. My main intent with this particular endeavor was to track my travels abroad and use it as more of a diary, of sorts. And then in July 2016, my slowed posting turned into a total halt. I stopped posting altogether. While I didn't fall out of love with blogging, I did run out of time and, honestly, motivation. I was about to enter my senior year of college and was juggling my internship with competitive swimming and the ever-stressful job search. 

This is not a particularly relevant photo but I feel like it captures a certain feeling of summer.

This is not a particularly relevant photo but I feel like it captures a certain feeling of summer.

Now, about one year since my last blog post, I'm itching to start blogging again. I have neither swimming nor school to worry about, and am fortunate to have a job I really enjoy. But even with that, something has felt missing. And noticing this lack, above all, was what made me realize I wanted to start another blog for me. I'm not setting out to be the next Man Repeller (though I'll always love Leandra and the whole crew) but I am setting out to document some rambling thoughts, and  chat with some likeminded people. 

Sure, I've heard people say blogging isn't what it used to be. There are pitfalls and negatives and the temptation to dial back authenticity in the pursuit of influencer status. But even with these quote unquote negatives, I believe the positivity that comes from engaged communities, like those in the comments of some of my favorite blogs, far outweigh the negatives or criticism the industry has garnered in recent years. 

And so here I am again, on the last day in August, baring my soul to a small corner of the internet (read: very small corner) through this fifth, and likely final, blog.