glossier you

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Despite always loving perfumes, I've never owned that many. They always seemed exorbitantly expensive compared to a lipstick, and besides my trusty Miss Dior Cherie, you could say I'm a perfume newbie. But, as a shameless Glossier lover, I had a feeling my search for an everyday scent would be over when Glossier announced Glossier You. (Spoiler alert: it was). 

Ever since I purchased Glossier You, I wear it almost every day. Though it's quite subtle, I often get complimented and asked what scent I'm wearing. (Funny tangent: a friend and I went to dinner and the waitress said one of us smelled lovely — and we discovered we were both wearing Glossier You). 

This is a rather short post because quite frankly, I've got nothing but good things to say. While I might go for something stronger on a special occasion, Glossier You has quickly become my everyday scent. (And I've possibly convinced a friend or two to also buy it, because also who can say no to it's $60 price tag). 


My parting thoughts? Glossier You is a perfect blend of musk, spice, and subtlety. But, rather than attempt to describe the specific notes myself, I thought I'd let Glossier do it for me: 

base notes

ambrette: comfy, warm
ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
musk: long-lasting, addictive

top notes

iris root: earthy, green, woody

pink pepper: spice, sparkling